Welcome to Mastering Sleep

Dear Reader:

The book Mastering Sleep (Pan Macmillan) is designed for the curious reader who may be having issues with sleep.  It is not merely a list of solutions, but a deep dive into the architecture of sleep and how that is impacted by the external environment.  Where appropriate I have not hesitated to segue into related topics that will, I hope, enrich your thinking about sleep.  I believe these extra insights will help you create a solid foundation of knowledge relating to sleep.  Why is this important?  Because, just providing superficial guidance will not be enough to motivate you to change behaviour, when it comes to sleep.  Despite all the widespread press coverage of sleep dysfunction, people continue to stick with routines that deprive them of sleep.  This is at least partially because the superficial spiel dished out in the popular press does not convince us at a deep level that sleep is critical.  My intention in this book is to bring about behaviour change concerning sleep by equipping you with the knowledge and tools that will help you reshape your sleep behaviour.  Extending the argument a little further, I have also provided insight into how sleep could potentially become a tool soon to improve everything from sports performance (this is already being done) to creativity in the R&D lab and resilience in the battlefield or the CEO suite.

1. The book is now available at bookstores and online (amazon.com, amazon.in and Flipkart – Kindle and Paperback)

2.  I intend to keep this site open for 1-2 years and use it as a platform to interact with readers of Mastering Sleep.

3.  I will also post updates to the science and clinical medicine of sleep that has happened since the book went to press so that you are never left behind.

I hope you will find all this reason to come back and check in often.

Until then, and as always, sleep well!


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