How to buy the book

There are books on sleep and then there are books on sleep.  What is it that distinguishes “Mastering Sleep”?  There are three ways in which this book is different:

  1.  It is written by someone who is an expert in neuroscience but is not a sleep research insider.  This frees me up to build and project the contents from the perspective of an interested outsider (with enough background to separate the important stuff from the fluff) with no axe to grind and no fear of offending insiders.
  2. The books covers enough scientific ground to help the reader put clinical information into perspective.
  3. I have also not been afraid to take some diversions from the main topic – firstly, I think it makes the book more interesting, but more importantly, it makes dry facts more memorable.

Check out the book and see if you agree!

Finally – some sincere advice –  do make sure you are doing everything in your control to get a good night’s sleep.